How to Start Searching a Gale Group Database

This menu displays the Gale Group database subscriptions available at this library location. Some libraries customize their database collections.  Ask your administrator if you have a question about which collections are available.

Each database listed in the menu has the following features:

Here is an example of a Gale Group database in the menu:

Once you have selected a Gale Group database to search you can return to the Gale Group database menu by selecting the button marked Gale Group Databases.

Other Controls on the Gale Group Database Screen

You may see an icon, or picture, labeled Library Home. This link returns you to a main page specified by the library or institutions that subscribes to this database. Note that not all libraries or institutions enable this link ( if you do not see this icon, try using the Home Page button on the browser).

The link titled List of Sources takes you to a section of the Gale Group web site that lists the individual name and coverage of each journal or periodical in a database. You can display this information on screen by selecting the HTML link. There are a variety of electronic file formats that can be downloaded.